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About Us

Cabinetsource has been providing the greater Los Angeles for the last 40 years. Founded in 1976 by Tom Licari as a custom furniture and cabinetry shop, the company has accumulated a vast experience in design and fabrication, resulting in the versatile and responsive operation of today. 

Design assistance is of utmost importance in our operation. Realizing the client's wishes, with an emphasis on details throughout the process, result in the exact product the client had expected. 

We realize the difficulty in visualizing a finished product, therefore Cabinetsource uses the latest in computerized drawings to assist you. Shop drawings will also be generated from this process for you to approve, before any materials are cut. 

Our capabilities are widely diverse in the design process and the same holds true for the materials and accessories we can provide, from the traditional to the contemporary

The owner will personally manage designing, measuring and drawing. The client is assured of a quick and personal response. Our goal is to maintain constant communication, which results in our unique service. 

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